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We received a VocabularySpellingCity Premium Membership in exchange for this review. This program is for K – 12 and we used it for both our PreK / K’r and our High Schooler (11th Grade). I think it is amazingly wonderful that you can use the same program for BOTH of these ages / grades!

I was extremely excited to get this review as I loved the online part as well as the many options it offered in both online regular learning and game learning options. Additionally, something that is always of great importance to our minimal income family…COST = REASONABLE! Only $29.95 per YEAR for a family (up to 5 students). LOVE! (There are also options for classrooms and schools…)

We worked on SAT words with J (high school) and Dolch Sight Words with P (PreK / K).

Here is a view of the “teacher screen”. As you can see, this is where you can add your students and that there are “Help” videos available.

 photo TeacherArea1_zpsb4727c38.jpg

I *LOVED* the fact that you can print off handwriting sheets for your Pre-K / K words!

 photo DolchWords_zps47b92ea6.jpg

This was neat, but was too advanced for my youngest:

 photo MatchItSent_zpsf928c18c.jpg

It takes a little while to understand how this program can work for your family. I would have liked if there would have been a bit better explanation as to how to start and what the options were. As it turns out, I fumbled around for quite awhile with it. With that said, there are some REALLY neat, fun things this program has to offer!

Student Assignments can be set up so when the student signs in they are directed which “way” to go. The student screen looks like this, with the assignment area at the top:

 photo Assignments_zps328b1f26.jpg

The student can see their progress:

 photo Assignments2_zps29035654.jpg

Here is an example of the flashcards. It reads it to the student.

 photo Flashcard_zps756fe958.jpg

The program offers (straight from their site):

  • An award-winning game-based learning tool for vocabulary, spelling, writing and language arts
  • A K-12 educational service used worldwide by schools and families
  • 50,000 words and 60,000 sentences read by a real person
  • Access via mobile app for your tablet and smart phone,or online via computer and interactive whiteboard
  • Correlation to educational standards
  • School and district-level reports

As you can see, the screens are very colorful adding a lot of fun to the program, especially for the younger ages.

 photo WordRama_zpsb9ca2e4f.jpg

The students learn their word through online methods (mostly games – YAY!)

Letterfall was a favorite of ours: LetterFall. The mouse is to catch the next letter in the word (found in the lower left).

 photo LetterFall_zps30d687e7.jpg

As well as Hang Mouse (similar to Hang Man but with a cat and mouse):

 photo HangMouse_zpscf7a4b77.jpg

Here is where the student can work on alphabetizing. The words start out on the left and they move them to the right putting them in correct order. If they mistakenly move something, they simply click it on the right and it moves back to the left. Excellent, useful tool!

 photo Alphabetize_zps2ed7c302.jpg

Then it offers vocabulary testing:

 photo SATVocabTest_zps55696d32.jpg

Here is what the report looks like:

 photo VocabTestRpt_zps9cfad0a5.jpg

You can do A LOT *FREE* on this site. Here is a quick glance at the differences between free and paid:

 photo PremiumOffers_zpsa9340c67.jpg

 photo LearningGamesSAT_1_zpsd3449620.jpg

Once you figure out how to use the program (a lot of videos are provided to guide you, found under “Videos – FAQ”), this is an AMAZING TOOL I believe all students can benefit from.

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Here’s praying you have fun learning!




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