Quiet = Changes

Have you noticed I have been overly quiet the last month? Well, as often seems the case for our lives, we were thrown a curve ball and I returned to work (p/t outside the home). I have been working about 25 – 29 hours per week for the last month. Hubby and I sat down to talk and realized we had a serious financial situation that needed IMMEDIATE attention. I started selling many things that were important to me (but things I could live without). As well as I returned to a job I had done before (that I didn’t especially like) that we knew would allow a pretty immediate start.

Then, as seems usual for our life, we were thrown “another curve ball” last week when we were discussing how much we needed per month over how much he made per month, and we realized he had made an error in his calculating the previous month. (Which you must realize is a RARITY! He is “the math guy” so VERY RARELY does he get his numbers wrong.)

So, from that, I would like to share that as of Friday of this week, I will no longer be working…well, I will still be selling Lilla Rose, and this is a big time of year for selling anything, with Christmas coming up. So I will be busy with that, but after mid-December I will actually be a STAY-AT-HOME MOM…for the first time in FIVE YEARS I will pretty much not be working! This will be a DREAM COME TRUE for us as this is what we have been working toward for the last five years.

I do have more exciting news to share, but I am unable to do so at this time…hang tight and I’ll get back with you soon on that.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


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