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We had the privilege to review an ebook titled CHRISTIAN HEROES: THEN & NOW Jim Elliot: One Great Purpose by Janet and Geoff Benge and an ebook curriculum called CHRISTIAN HEROES: THEN & NOW Unit Study Curriculum Guide Jim Elliot. Both of these were offered by YWAM Publishing.

This is an amazing history set – and for an affordable price (something that is always a high consideration in our family).

The book is very easy to read and told in a very story-like manner (less like an officially biography). This makes it more fun for kids to read, in my opinion. Our family is familiar with the life of Jim Elliot so having the curriculum guide adds a new dimension and much more reality and firm understanding.

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The REALLY fun part of this set, we think, is the Unit Study Curriculum Guide. This this is PACKED FULL of learning tools!

If you look at the Table of Contents, it looks pretty normal and “boring”…but believe me – it is FAR from that! First, it has so many items that it is suggested in the beginning that you pick and choose what works best for your family and your students. It is also made for both individual and group settings as well as for a wide range of grades…sounds like the PERFECT homeschool tool, right? Right!

A simple explanation of the curriculum guide is in the very beginning with the Bible Verse Memorization…different suggestions of doing / using these are: memorization, meaning, devotional and display with each of these being given a good description of what the idea is…EXCELLENT! It isn’t your everyday “boring”…”memorize this scripture”. FUN!!

Another example is the Chapter on Student Explorations. You are given the following ideas: Essay Questions, Creative Writing, Hands-On Projects, Audio/Visual Projects, Arts and Crafts and Language Examples…but they don’t just say those things…THEY PROVIDE IDEAS, they give starters! LOVE! This is really good for me, who has a hard time coming up with teaching ideas. Once given a direction to go, I’m good…but if you leave me with just a suggestion and don’t give me any good ideas, I’ll wander around like a lost sheep.

The Guide closes with a Books and Resources section that offers DETAILED information for each book: Name, Author, Publisher, Recommended Age, Synopsis and Comments – VERY helpful for family use! And finally, the ANSWERS to the Chapter Questions provided. (WOOT! What would we do without answer keys! *grin*)

The book is 192 pages and is recommended for kids ages 10 and up. The ebook curriculum guide is 62 pages.

The price for the Jim Elliot ebook is $6.99 and the ebook curriculum is $7.49.

Our family plans to purchase additional items from YWAM, we are very impressed with this set!

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Here’s praying you have fun learning!




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