Schoolhouse Review ~ Fundanoodle #hsreviews

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We had the opportunity to review Fundanoodle’s Muscle Movers: Upper Case Gross Motor Cards. If you have a child would doesn’t like “regular schoolwork” AND who LOVES to move (LIKE MINE!)…this is going to be PERFECT! It is recommended for ages 4 – 5 or PreK / K and costs $14.99.

From their website:

Fundanoodle is a new education readiness brand from Carolina Pad designed to develop and improve the skills needed for handwriting and many other everyday activities. Created with the belief that learning these skills should be educational and fun.


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The kit comes with one 4×6 heavy duty card for each letter of the alphabet. Each card has a letter to be traced on one side and an animal with an action to do on the other side.

You lay the cards out on the floor letter side up.

 photo Fund3_zps9034541d.jpg

The child picks one, turns it over, then does the action stated. (Below: he is “crawling like a ladybug”.)

 photo Fund_CrawlLadybug_zpsdcc1737c.jpg

He *REALLY* enjoyed this one. *grin*

 photo Fund4_zpsc316b6b9.jpg

Here he is “Stretching like a Giraffe”

 photo Fund_StretchGiraff_zps814727c4.jpg

They then turn the card over and practice their letter writing! (One thing we would have liked to have seen was “writing arrows” that would help instruct the child on the correct way to write their letters.)

 photo Fund1_zps7da9fb2d.jpg

 photo Fund2_zpsbeb077eb.jpg

Done! My son seriously dislikes anything “schoolwork”…however…he LOVED doing this!

 photo Fund5_zps352f39f7.jpg

It was REALLY exciting for me to watch him work through this. Normally if I ask him to write his letters he “fights” me saying “it’s boring” or “it isn’t any fun” – NEITHER of those were said when using these cards! Not only did he have fun but I had fun watching him have fun! What a blessing!

So…you have letter recognition, letter writing and motor skills all wrapped up in to one FUN learning tool!

Check out this link to read more Fundanoodle reviews from the Schoolhouse Review Crew.

Here’s praying you have fun learning!




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One thought on “Schoolhouse Review ~ Fundanoodle #hsreviews

  1. Fundanoodle by Carolina Pad October 10, 2013 at 7:40 pm Reply

    Thank you for the great review! We’re so glad he liked working with Fundanoodle’s Muscle Mover cards. The arrows are a great idea and I will pass that along to our team! We appreciate feedback and are always looking for ways to make Fundanoodle even better.


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