Schoolhouse Review ~ PeopleKeys (Student Strengths Report) #hsreviews

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We had the opportunity to do an online Student Strengths Report through a company called PeopleKeys. PeopleKeys is a company that provides different types of tests (assessments) to help employers determine best qualified employees as well as ways to help their current employees continue to grow.

They also offer many different student assessments…which is what we had the opportunity to participate in. We chose the “Student Strengths Report” because it often seems as though our oldest son isn’t sure of his strengths…we thought this might help him get a non-judgmental view of his personality.

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The “test” is taken online and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete – and from this a 34-page “Student Strengths Report” is generated. This report shares information on personality styles, learning styles and cognitive thinking styles. It provides detailed information on each style as well as how the student rated in each area of each style. It is a VERY comprehensive report.

The personality styles are: Drive, Influencing, Steadiness and Compliance.

The learning styles are: auditory, visual and kinesthetic.

The cognitive styles are: literal, intuitive, theoretical and experiential.

The questions answered in the online test help the program figure out which of these are your main traits of each style and from that it shares some of the best ways for you to learn, to communicate, to resolve conflict.

Each area (personality, learning and cognitive) is provided with very detailed information about that style.

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An very easy to look at and understand – quick view – chart is available for immediate understanding of where the student falls in each trait of each style.

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Then a “general overview” is provided for more “quick viewing” of each trait of each style.

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Each style is also discussed in a manner that the student can see how knowing OTHER PEOPLE’S styles and traits can help THEM learn better in school and while communicating with them.

The price for a single purchase of this report is $20. WELL WORTH IT in my opinion. You can also get a reduction in price for purchasing larger amounts at one time (see link for specifics).

Honestly, as I was looking over this report I also learned more about my personality type as well as my husbands…some of our difficulties in communicating became much more clear after doing this review. Another bonus, in my opinion!

Check out this link to read more PeopleKeys reviews from the Schoolhouse Review Crew to see how this may be extremely beneficial for you and your family.

Here’s praying you have fun learning!



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