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We had the opportunity to review the Kindergarten program of Time4Learning. This is an online learning program for PreK through High School designed for afterschool, homeschool, summer use and/or enrichment for special needs. It covers (depending on the grade) letter and number recognition, learning to read, counting, math, language arts, science and social studies. They offer three levels: lower, upper and High School. We used the lower level for this review.

This program offers Lesson Plans, Activity Scheduler, Quizzes, Reviews and even printable pdf files of classroom helps. There is A LOT of things available in this program!

 photo MainPage_zps43156361.jpg

When you first login, you are taken to the main page. From there you can pick A,B,C or 1,2,3 or Science. Once you click one of those, you are taken to another screen where you can choose which place you would like to go. [You can always look at the top of the screen to find out where you are. As shown below, these are the “Math” choices.]

 photo Math_zps5add9b99.jpg

Overall, as appropriate for this age, the program goes fairly slowly and each area only takes a few minutes to complete. To “round things out” there are Quizzes available to confirm what has been learned.

Here are some different screen shots as we were working through the program…just to give you an idea of what things look like. It is a very colorful program which helps to keep the students attention.

 photo Math4_zps2bd77557.jpg

 photo Science6_zps4f9676ca.jpg

 photo Math5_zps2213f664.jpg

Some things we really liked: The reports for this program are pretty neat. Although not overly important for Kindergarten, I could see where they would be extremely important for higher grade levels. This is definitely an overall plus for this program. The many things offered: Lesson Plans, Activity Scheduler, Quizzes, Reviews and even printable pdf files of classroom helps. Along with the fact that you can change what grade level your student/s work.

 photo Report_zps95b905ac.jpg

A few things that didn’t really work for us…you do A LOT of clicking to get to where you want to go! There are times when necessary items are not read aloud for an age that does not yet read. And finally, it is very repetitive within each subject area – something my 5 year old does NOT like…he needs things to “stay hoppin'” to hold his interest for any length of time. (Although the lessons themselves are short…if it is doing the same thing the next time you login to do it…he’s not going to be interested for long.)

They do offer a “parent forum” which I did not utilize…but I did want to make sure to mention that they do offer that added resource.

Click HERE for a one-minute tour. Click HERE to see a personalized demo. Or HERE for basic navigation videos.

How much does Time4Learning cost? $19.95/month for the first PreK – 8th grade student and $14.95/month for each additional PreK to 8th Grade. [They do have a 14-day money back guarantee.] For us, this would also be a deterrent, we just cannot afford this much per month per child.

As an additional note, they do offer High School as well so checking out this link to read more Time4Learning reviews from the Schoolhouse Review Crew may be extremely beneficial for you and your family.

Here’s praying you have fun learning!




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One thought on “Schoolhouse Review ~ Time4Learning (Kindergarten) #hsreviews

  1. Janet September 16, 2013 at 11:02 pm Reply

    Hi, Dawn. Thanks for your review of T4L. We’ve been using T4L for our daughter for almost 5 years now. It’s definitely fun learning for her!! There are times I have to remind her she needs to take a break or finish up for the day.
    One of the things we do like about it is that she can work at her own pace, she’s learned to work independently and that she can repeat lessons if/when needed. It’s funny that you mention that the program does not read out loud. I’ve noticed that there are options for the program to read to you, or for the child to read along with the program, or the child to read alone (no read aloud).
    I also wanted to mention that if you prepay 6 months or a year, you get a considerable discount. And if you refer someone to T4L, you get a free month or a gift card.

    Thanks again for your review!


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