Simple Woman’s Daybook ~ 9/3/13

Simple Woman's Daybook

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Outside my window…the windows are OPEN! this morning! After a week of scorching, close to 100 degree days, this morning is WONDERFUL! The sun is shining and the bugs are chirping.

I am thinking…I should probably eat some breakfast…

I am thankful…that the Lord is so good to ALWAYS provide.

In the kitchen…this reminds me that hubby thought a crockpot meal would be good for tonite…hmmm…brb. LOL

I am wearing…jeans & t-shirt.

I am creating…a crockpot meal of chicken, potatoes and carrots. 😉

I am wondering…how the Lilla Rose event Saturday will go…excited, nervous – the usual.

I am reading…the book of Nehemiah and The One Year Bible.

I am hoping praying…for so many friends go thru trials. Praying His peace for them.

I am looking forward to…Heaven!

I am learning…to NOT speak every word that comes to my mind.

Around the house…school!

I am pondering…putting J (11th Grade) in the upcoming PSAT test, or not??

A favorite quote for today…”If you change nothing, nothing will change.”

A few plans for the rest of the week: special friend in town for tonite, clean the library twice, first Lilla Rose event Saturday, Tae Kwon Do and guitar for the boys. Pretty much the usual. *grin*

A peek into my day yesterday...pretty calm and relaxed actually. Was nice to have cooler weather!

Any picture…

September Flexi-of-the-Month…

 photo 0913_zpsccb9373d.jpg

Have a wonderfully blessed day!



2 thoughts on “Simple Woman’s Daybook ~ 9/3/13

  1. Joyful Reader September 3, 2013 at 2:20 pm Reply

    I enjoyed visiting you today! I am following you through Linky now!


  2. Donna September 3, 2013 at 6:30 pm Reply

    I too am learning to not say everything that comes to mind. Sometimes it is so hard, but with practice it will get better.


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