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Ever heard of MacPhail Center for Music? If you live in Minnesota you probably have…we have family there and they seem to be VERY well known there – well known for EXCEPTIONAL instrument teaching. Since I don’t live in Minnesota, I personally had never heard of them. But when the chance for online guitar lessons came up for review, we were really excited!

My oldest son has been taking guitar lessons for about the last nine months. We’ve been going to a graduated homeschooler who is in a church band. We’ve been really happy with her work but were interested to see something different…


For our review purposes, we were given four 30-minute online lessons. We did Intermediate Guitar Lessons with a gentleman named Randy.

We had never Skyped before but we got it set up very easily. [It is a free service as long as you are doing Skype to Skype.] J worked very easily with it throughout the lessons.

How wonderful it is to not have to load up the family to go to lessons!

 photo SkypGuitar3_zps8d8760a6.jpg

One of the things we really appreciated was the different websites that were shared with us for additional learning…and they were FREE (you know how I love free!).

 photo SkypGuitar2_zps4aba3023.jpg

The majority of our lessons were focused on J learning smoother rhythm along with additional learning of reading notes and chords.

 photo SkypGuitar_zps99d956b5.jpg

The only downfall for us is the price…this is directly from MacPhail:

Special Introductory Pricing – Individual Instruction – Four Online Lessons for $111. Receive four 30-minute individual online lessons from an outstanding teaching artist, from the convenience of your home. All K–12 homeschool students are eligible to participate in this package, a 25% discount from standard tuition rates.

Daytime Flex Packs for Live Online Lessons offer flexibility to accommodate your busy schedule and help you achieve your unique musical goals. Simply schedule 8 Live Online Lessons during the 18 week semester on any weekday from 9 am – 3 pm CST. Unexpected scheduling conflict? Our cancellation policy gives you the option of canceling your lesson up to 48-hours in advance, without forfeiting the lesson. Whether you travel for work or leisure, juggle kids’ extracurricular activities, or live in an area where options for studying your instrument are limited, MacPhail’s Daytime Flex Pack can help you experience the joy of music-making. Standard pricing will apply after introductory lessons at $37 per 30-minute lesson. 

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Here’s praying you have fun learning!




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One thought on “Schoolhouse Review ~ MacPhail Center for Music (Guitar) #hsreviews

  1. Sandy January 8, 2015 at 12:51 am Reply

    Randy works with me online each week. He is very patient (thank goodness) and considerate. Although he is quite modest, his knowledge and talent is quite evident. (Somehow!) he has managed to teach even me beginning acoustic guitar. I love music, especially guitar, and it is a pleasure to hear him play. My youngest daughter initially signed me up because I had “played” for the children when they were young (too young to know better), and she intuitively thought it would help me with stress relief. She was right. I’d highly recommend Randy.


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