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We were provided the opportunity to review the Beginner Student Pages, Beginner Time Line and Children’s Songs CD set from Bible Study Guide for All Ages. Our son is five so he is in the upper age range recommended for this set (Age 4 – Kindergarten). All the items we were provided are what is recommended for best usage of this program with children of this age. [The set I was provided appeared to be made for a Sunday School class but we kind of worked around the different things that required more than one child.] Now to break each part down a bit…

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The student pages we received were Lessons 1 – 26 and have a cost of $5.95 for the set. (They do offer 16 different sets [$5.95 each] for a total of 416 lessons – that’s a lot of lessons!)

You would need one set of student pages per child. Each lesson has:

Learn the Basics. This is learning the beginner timeline card specified for the lesson; read more on this below.
Sing and Remember. This has you sing a song from the CD set (more on this below too) along with questions from the Bible. [This was a frustrating part for me as they didn’t provide the ANSWERS to the questions, but a Scripture reference…in my opinion, the answers would be more appropriate. Adding the Scripture reference would be a bonus.]
Get Active. This is where you do a little activity that involved the children.
Apply It! involves reading a verse and seeing how it can be applied to our lives today.
Discover the Bible. This is a really fun part. The very left has what the teacher reads to the child and the rest of the page is almost like a comic book – with numbers and sections. Each section has a little something the child should do – color this, “x” that, etc. My son really enjoyed this part!

Here he is working on one of them:

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Here is the “final product”:

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You can see another sample of these HERE.

The next thing we received was the Beginner Time Line:

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Taken from their website:

The Beginner Time Line (for ages 3-K) is 34 full-color, 8.5″ x 11″ pictures on sturdy card stock with one question about each picture. This visual aid teaches young students one simple fact about major people and events in the Bible. It also teaches them the order in which those people and events appear in the Bible. This knowledge provides a foundation for all future Bible learning.

These sell for $24.95. You can see some of these wonderful pages HERE. These are a WONDERFUL addition to this program. My son really liked these a lot. He even asked if there were more of them! Each card has a picture and if there is a question, the answer is provided (answers are GOOD!).

The final thing we received was a set of childrens songs on CD.

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This two CD set consists of 90 a Capella songs and sells for $19.95. We really enjoyed these! You can listen to a sample and see a complete list of the songs HERE.

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Here’s praying you have fun learning!




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2 thoughts on “Schoolhouse Review ~ Bible Study Guide for All Ages (Preschool) #hsreviews

  1. Lori Sevedge August 12, 2013 at 7:00 am Reply

    We used the Intermediate level and therefore didn’t get the CD. I wish I had it since we were supposed to sing some of the songs! At our level I didn’t mind looking up the answers in the Bible, it was filling out the maps that was difficult. I would recommend getting a Teacher Key for sure.


  2. Michele P August 12, 2013 at 7:28 am Reply

    We used the beginner and advanced levels together with a lot of success. Yes, answers keys would be helpful for the maps especially! We really did enjoy using the program, however and will continue on!


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