5 Days of…the Highly Spirited Child ~ Day 5 ~ Encouragement & Closing Thoughts

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Well, here we are at day 5 already! WOW that went fast! If you haven’t read my previous 4 posts, here they are:

Day 1: What is a Highly Spirited Child?
Day 2: So, I have a HSC, now what?
Day 3: Homeschooling the HSC
Day 4: HSC Resources

And now today I would like to close with some encouragement and some other “misc” thoughts.

The first thing I would like to say is – we need to remember that THE LORD put this child in our lives for a reason…and with HIM all things ARE possible. We CAN raise these children for HIM. WE CAN DO THIS!

Even though HSC can get on our nerves or get under our skin, in truth, they are AMAZING little people! Even though my son has all these different things…non-stop talking, jumping around constantly...he is just as loving as he is energetic. He shares easily and just has a heart of gold.

In closing, I would like to talk about something that has been VERY important in our lives…diet and foods. (We are still “experimenting” so I am by NO MEANS an expert…but these have been our findings so far…).

We found that our son has serious behavioral issues after eating dyes – especially RED dye. (This is actually a well-known fact by the FDA but they still continue to use it in a majority of kids products.)

We also have gone mostly gluten-free.

Both of these have been found to cause ADHD type behavior in kids so I HIGHLY suggest checking in to them further.

Well…that’s it for this amazing blog hop. I pray you have enjoyed your visits!

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Summer Blog HopHave a wonderfully blessed day!



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