5 Days of…the Highly Spirited Child ~ Day 3 ~ Homeschooling the HSC

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Ok…so today we’ll talk about homeschooling the highly spirited child (hsc). If you haven’t read my previous two posts, you can read Day 1: What is a Highly Spirited Child? and Day 2: So I have a HSC, now what?

It didn’t take me long to realize that homeschooling my hsc was definitely the only option (not that I was seriously considering any other option), but that if I should put him in a public school situation they would squish his amazing (although trying) personality and that drugging him would be their quick suggestion.

First, let me share that he is only 5 years old so my experience and knowledge are limited as to how this progresses, but I can tell you what I have learned so far. Regular schooling things do not work. In general he doesn’t like to color, he doesn’t like to sit down, he works EXTREMELY quickly through things (and gets them correct). So…coloring pages, etc are not going to work. He did enjoy doing the dot marker pages for awhile, but he’s over that now too. *grin*

Last year I bought My Father’s World Preschool and then someone had Kindergarten used for sale so I bought that too. Good thing because I soon realized the Preschool was WAY to easy for him, so I sold that and started the K items. It didn’t take me long to realize schooling him would need to be different – VERY different. It *LITERALLY* took us about 10 – 15 minutes to finish THE ENTIRE LESSON…lessons that were taking others a few hours. Uh oh. But he was learning! (He could properly answer questions I asked him.) But…he was bored. Just the mention of “doing school” brought negative emotions. Not good. So we stopped and just lived life and played and “learned as we lived”.

This year we will be doing Charlotte Mason type things. (You can read more about all that by going to my Charlotte Mason page.) The thing that caught my immediate attention with Charlotte Mason was that she believes young children should be outside 4-6 hours a day. YES! P would LOVE that. (Although it isn’t “feasible” as we don’t have anything to do outside for that long…no farm, etc.). Another thing Charlotte Mason believes is that young children should NOT be “officially schooled” until they are seven. Which I’m finding is going to work very good for P. He is VERY smart but he does not have the maturity (obviously) to go with his intelligence. [We will still be “doing school” but in a VERY relaxed manner.]

One thing we reviewed that P and I both *LOVED* for the [even] younger years was Learn and Grow. This Preschool Curriculum is PERFECT for children who need to move while they learn…I really cannot say enough about it!

The biggest thing for me to remember at this time is the important of quick, short, fun lessons…again…this has “Charlotte Mason” written all over it. ENGAGE the child, get to the point, move on.

I pray I have helped a little with some ideas on homeschooling the highly spirited child. Tomorrow I will share resources that I have found to be EXTREMELY helpful in my hsc investigation.

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