5 Days of…the Highly Spirited Child ~ Day 2 ~ “So, I have a HSC, now what?”

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This is day two, as noted in the title. *grin* Feel free to hop over and check out Day 1 “What is a highly spirited child” if you haven’t gotten to do so yet.

So…you have read yesterdays post and feel great relief knowing others *DO UNDERSTAND* what is going on. Feels pretty good, doesn’t it? So, now what?

First…PRAY. A LOT.

Next…remember your child does not “do this to you” (and your family) on purpose.

Finally…prepare for “out of the box” thinking.

These things are not easy to do on a daily, or even momentary, basis. The 2nd and 3rd items are the most difficult for me. It is hard for me to remember that he isn’t “arguing” with me – REALLY – he is just using his extreme intelligence to try and figure things out.

With regards to “out of the box thinking” – these children cannot be handled as if they are regular children. It will not work – because they are NOT regular children. If you don’t change YOUR ways, life is going to be even more difficult. As the “mature adults” it is our responsibility to help our children grow into what the Lord has made them from the beginning. (I find I constantly remind myself that these qualities will be AMAZING in a grown man…I just have to get him there. *grin*)

Thinking “out of the box” means things like…he doesn’t have to sit quietly when all the other children are because “that’s what’s expected”. You will find that giving him a little wiggle room and something to put in his hands will bring his attention, and quiet, along much more smoothly. This is NOT a child who can simply sit quietly. And if you think he’s not learning because he is moving or playing at the same time – you are wrong. This child learns BETTER being allowed to do so. Just ask him some questions afterward, you’ll be impressed!

And NO! they are not obnoxious little brats. *grin* They are an amazing gift from the Lord who was given to *US* for a reason. The Lord knew we could handle it even thought often it feels as if we are going to break. The Lord knows it means we will have to grow and change into the role, and He will walk with us every step of the way.

Here is an excerpt from my post “Spirited Child – Putting a Name to it“:

Here is a list of words: demanding, stubborn, noisy, nosy, loud, whiny, easily frustrated, wild, disruptive, self-critical, manipulative, argumentative, never stops, unpredictable, angry, aggressive, explosive, picky, single-minded, easily bored, obnoxious, up/down extreme.

Here is that same list of words looked at from a better perspective: holds high standards, flexible, a creative problem solver, enthusiastic and zestful, opinionated, strongly committed to one’s goals, assertive, a willingness to persist in the face of obstacles, curious, energetic, tenderhearted, traditional, charismatic, compelling, cautious, dramatic, selective, analytical and perceptive.

See the difference between the two? VERY IMPORTANT! It is *OUR* job to help guide our children. Do NOT let other people hurt your feelings or make you feel bad because they don’t understand. Because THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND. Stand strong with the Lord…we can do this!

Come back tomorrow as I share about “Homeschooling the Highly Spirited Child”.

[Curious about resources? That is coming up soon too!]

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