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I was provided two copies of Christianity Cove‘s KidMin Power Pack (April and May 2013).

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These are monthly packs of information meant for Sunday School teachers. They contain “everything you need” for an entire month of lessons. And…the lessons correspond to whatever events may be happening that month (April Fool’s Day, World Health Day, Earth Day, National Moment of Laughter Day, Reach as High as You Can Day, Ascension of Christ, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and Pentecost). They also contains “kids news” which covers a current event in a manner more appropriate for kids.

The April ebook was 53 pages and the May ebook was 67 pages.

Almost all the crafts use normal, every day items you will most likely be able to find around your house. And, I did like the April Showers Bring May Flowers object lessons!

In general these seem to bring “society’s life” in to the lesson instead of Christ in to society’s life. This particular item is not one that I would use with my children whether it be at home or in Sunday School.

The June 2013 issue is currently on sale for $1 – the regular monthly subscription fee is $19.99.

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I was also provided the ebook Freedom Ride which is 12 Weeks of Lessons for Teens. It is 83 pages and runs $29.

This was created for Sunday School or Youth Groups. The overall thought is 15 minute lessons with 45 minutes of group discussion (because it is felt they can learn best from each other).

Some of the topics: texting, Facebook, peer pressure, gossip and heavy duty partying. Current “hot items” such as iPhones are encouraged to be used.

Although I didn’t really like how the overall lesson was connected to the object lesson for most, I did like the overall point of the lessons.

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Here’s praying you have fun learning!




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