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We had the opportunity to review Math Mammoth‘s Make It Real Learning. These workbooks (made for grades 3 and up) were created to answer the question so many teaching math are asked, “When will I ever use this in real life?”

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Linear Functions 1 is a 46 page ebook covering things like cell phone plans, government nutrition and music downloads.

Linear Functions 2 is also a 46 page ebook covering things like carbohydrates, fast food and travel.

Linear Functions 3 is a 45 page ebook covering things like college tuition, music & games and shopping.

Each ebook sells for $4.99.

These workbooks involve real world problems…using the appropriate math, the students have to figure out how to make the choice that would save them the most. They contain the perfect amount of problems to go through, not too many – as is often the case.

From the website:

The activities contain challenging parts and therefore allow students to practice real problem solving – not just apply knowledge from textbook examples to other almost identical problems.

These workbooks are meant to be used with someone who understands math language and problems. This is NOT something you can simply hand the student and have them do it. Answers are provided. As stated on the website:

Please note that Make It Real Learning workbooks do not contain the instruction or explanations of the concepts.

Sample page from Linear Functions 1:

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My husband, who is a math teacher, did not have any issues with these (which is actually what it is mainly designed for – use from a math teacher). I, however, was unable to use it with my son as I was not knowledgeable enough about what they were wanting. So, if you (as the teacher) are strong in math, this would be an excellent supplement to your teaching. If you are not, this may not be for you (unless you are willing to do additional investigation – and for the price, it may be worth it).

Overall, these *ARE* something we would recommend to others!

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Here’s praying you have fun learning!




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