Blogging Through the Alphabet ~ “L” for Life

Blogging Through the Alphabet

You know…LIFE just keeps on happenin’ whether you want it to or not, right? We are just really going thru a crazy time right now (and have been for many years). We have been trying to align our lives to what the Lord shares in Scripture (man provides and is head of house), woman is the keeper of the home, etc. but man has it proven to be difficult in many ways!

First – and the biggest by far – has been a job for hubby. He has an elementary teaching degree with certifications in math, science and PE…but has yet to get a regular FT teaching position (after *SEVEN* years). So…this year we branched out and are applying in other states. And honestly, I am applying too (I have been working p/t the entire time I’ve been home now – going on five years)…we are asking the Lord to shut whatever doors He doesn’t want us to go through and open those he does. I guess we’ll see where we land with that.

I am also doing a lot of research on the Charlotte Mason style of learning / teaching. Originally it started for our youngest but I am now also considering it for our high schooler…again, I guess we’ll see where we end up.

I guess, overall, LIFE right now is a lot about investigation and waiting…praying and leaving it with the Lord. Eventually He’ll let us know His plan (I hope *grin*).

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Have a wonderfully blessed day!




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