Blog Cruise ~ Homeschooling on a Budget


First, don’t get me wrong…this is NOT a budgeting post! I do not “budget” (although my husband probably wishes I did!) So, with that said…we can continue…

Considering our income, living frugal is our only means of survival. For my husband it comes pretty naturally. He was raised to be frugal. He is also a public school teacher (weird, I know) and they know A LOT about being frugal (because they don’t make much money and yet they have to supply a bunch of things for their class/es).

I guess the biggest way we are frugal in our homeschooling is by purchasing used curriculum whenever possible. (I use different Facebook groups as well as I normally sell one years curriculum to purchase the next. We also do not normally use the student book, we write answers in a notebook – that way we can resell it as a package.

Another way we save money homeschooling is by being on the Schoolhouse Review Crew! What better way to get our hands on a ton of awesome items – for free! Right!?!?!?!

 photo Recycle_zpsd4f83462.jpg

Additionally we save / reuse whatever we can. Bottles, jars, etc so that doing different projects costs a bit less. We try to purchase items on sale or from the dollar store as well. Each thing by itself doesn’t seem to be a big deal, but once you look at them for a year – the savings add up!

We also try to find simpler ways to do things or maybe we alter them a little so we CAN use something we already have instead of having to purchase something new.

 photo Library_zpsa5fd88b3.jpg

One of the biggest things we do is use our local library not only for books to borrow but also to purchase (they have a continual sale of available books for 25 cents) as well as the newspapers and magazines (FREE!) they no longer need.

Although being frugal did not come naturally to me – I am learning the excellent benefits it offers our family over “the long haul”.

Hop over and see what other Crew Members had to say about being frugal and homeschooling. (Link will go live on Tuesday, May 7, 2013).

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


2 thoughts on “Blog Cruise ~ Homeschooling on a Budget

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  2. Brittney May 7, 2013 at 11:02 am Reply

    All for the honesty–I don’t budget either! However, I make up for that by being frugal. 🙂


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