Launch Day Review & HUGE Giveaway ~ Christian Parenting Handbook

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I had the opportunity, along with many others, to check out the new Christian Parenting Handbook offered by the National Center for Biblical Parenting and authored by Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN which goes on sale TODAY! (4/29/13)

This book is a very down to earth, calm book that tells you how to handle MANY different parenting situations in a wonderfully Chrisitian manner. It talks A LOT about being prepared and thinking through things as a parent. It talks about how character development (the TIME it takes) “gets in the way” of our plans of constantly moving forward in life. BUT, if we want to parent the best we can – we are going to have to SLOW DOWN (let me say that again for those of you who read it too fast – SLOW DOWN – me included) and FOCUS on our kids.

It sells for $14.99 printed (or $11.35 on Amazon at this moment) or $9.99 for Kindle. (Actually I was happily shocked to see the price…I was assuming it would be about $25.) EXCELLENT price for a 240 page book PACKED with down-to-earth methods of helping your family become more focused on each other and on Christ. And although this book mentions Scripture throughout, it doesn’t say that because of such and such Scripture you should do this…I personally do not recommend books that do that.

Just a few of the 50 Chapters are:

  • Identify Character Qualities to Address Problems
  • Parenting is an Investment – Think Long Term
  • Bookmark Good Days
  • The Difference Between Tasks, Problems and Conflict
  • Don’t Practice in the Grocery Store – That’s the Final Exam
  • Discipline Kids Separately for Sibling Conflict
  • Don’t Give Up in Manipulation
  • Teach Kids to be Solvers Instead of Whiners
  • Firmness Doesn’t Require Harshness

Each chapter is normally only a few pages but they don’t “beat around the bush” in this book; they just lay it out there for you to eat up. It’s wonderful!

A little snippet from the Introduction:

The formation of a unique, yet biblical approach to parenting provides parents with a way to think and act that’s best for their family situation. The ideas represented in the chapters of this book will guide your thinking. You may choose to emphasize some more than others. Let the Holy Spirit guide you to develop your own unique approach. The common factor is reliance on God’s Word for the development of your own philosophy of parenting.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? So, do I recommend this book? YES, I DO! Anddddd…if you buy the book this week not only will you get the book but you will also get $400 worth of other items! AWESOME!

Here’s what the $400 package includes:

• The Christian Parenting Handbook electronic versions for iPad, Kindle, Nook or any mobile device ($29.97)

• Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitudes, in You and Your Kids Lesson #1 Complete Package including Lesson 1 on Video, MP3, Study Guide, and Children’s Lesson. ($59.95)

• Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitudes, in You and Your Kids Lesson #2 Complete Package including Lesson 2 on Video, MP3, Study Guide, and Children’s Lesson. ($59.95)

• Teach Kids to Listen and Follow Instructions on Video, Workbook, MP3, Study Guide, and Children’s Lesson. ($59.95)

• Correction Ideas that Touch the Heart on Video, Workbook, MP3, Study Guide, and Children’s Lesson. ($59.95)

• Addressing Bad Attitudes in Kids on Video, Workbook, MP3, Study Guide, and Children’s Lesson. ($59.95) 

• Everyday Parents CAN Raise Extraordinary Kids Session #1 on Video, MP3, Study Guide, and Children’s Lesson. ($59.95)

• How to Use The Christian Parenting Handbook 30-minute Video ($24.95)

That’s $414.62 of biblical parenting resources for FREE. A tremendous gift as their thank you for helping them with the launch.

Buy the Book during Launch Week!

To express our gratitude to you for your help with a strong launch we have put together an amazing package of parenting resources worth over $400 that we want to give to you for free just for helping us.

Here’s what you need to do.

1. Purchase the book during Launch Week, April 29 to May 5, 2013 at one of the major retailers (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, CBD, etc)

2. Email, fax, or mail us your receipt. Be sure to include your email address so that we can tell you how to obtain your free gift. Fax: 609-771-8003. Mail: 76 Hopatcong Dr. Lawrenceville, NJ 08648.

That’s it. It’s simple. We will give you hundreds of dollars worth of parenting tools just for helping us in the launch that first week. The offer is only good during the Launch Week.

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And…that’s not all! There is a HUGE giveaway going on for the following items (enter the giveaway below)…

1) iPad Mini ($400)
2) $200 Amazon Gift Card
3) Wii with Sports Game ($200)
4) $100 Amazon Gift Card
5) Kodak Digital Picture Frame ($90)

So…what do you need to do? (1) Buy the book this week and get the $400 extras *AND* (2) enter the giveaway! YAHOO!

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Have a wonderfully blessed day!

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Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. No compensation was received. All opinions are my own.


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2 thoughts on “Launch Day Review & HUGE Giveaway ~ Christian Parenting Handbook

  1. jennifer April 29, 2013 at 7:14 am Reply

    how do I order to get the freebies?


  2. Ed Miller April 29, 2013 at 9:07 am Reply

    Great review Dawn. I like how you took a specific example from the book and talked about it. The heart-based approach to parenting developed in this book has been revolutionary in my life. It’s helped me as a father, husband, leader, supervisor, coach, and in other areas. Behavior modification is effective if your only desire is to get your children to act a certain way. If you want to shape their character, you need to work on the level of the heart. My sons are both adults now and they are fine young men of good character. We consistently focused on the character quality of honoring others in our family! We returned home from vacation in December to find our whole house cleaned and a Christmas tree in place in the corner of the living room. Now that’s honor! This is just one example of the great insights from this special book. Every parent should have this book on their bookshelf or on their Kindle!


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