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I had the opportunity to review a program called Supercharged Science with my high schooler. This is an online e-science program offering short videos, lesson plans and exercises for MANY different areas of Science. As a matter of fact, she says it is

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Honestly, I LOVE this program. I LOVE everything about this program. Except I do not feel it is really geared for High Schoolers – at least not yet. I really wish I was doing a review for the younger grades because I would have SO MANY good things to say about it! But for the upper grade levels I feel it is significantly lacking in what is offered. {I’m sorry – it really does hurt me to have to write that.}

In my opinion, it was very difficult to navigate through all the amazingly wonderful items to find the few that offered something for high schoolers. What I did find was minimal and wasn’t really all that in-depth for the age.

The videos are the owner, Aurora, sharing about whatever topic it may be that you are studying. She shares in a very simple to understand manner and often in a very interesting way. This is definitely NOT “boring Science”!

The textbook reading is amazing. Very well-written, very nice color pictures. The one I printed off was “Biology 1” and it was 60 pages (not including the exercises).

Below is a screen shot of part of the “Study Units” page – the page where you pick which unit you want to study. As you can see, it is very colorful and eye-catching.

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I would also like to mention that some of the Lessons require items you would not normally have around your home. For instance, my son is currently working on Biology for High School so I checked what the Biology Lessons would be with Supercharged Science and they are: Building a Worm Farm, Invertebrate Journal, Worm Comparision Squid Races (this is actually just using ballons and straws and things you would normally have around your house), getting a male betta fish, traveling to a frog pond, obtain a lizard in a terrarium, chicken dissection, feather hunting, setting up birdfeeders and experiments watching dogs.

Here is what the eScience program offers (taken directly from their website):

.  Teaching presentations and demonstrations on video for each topic

.  Step-by-step videos for doing activities and experiments

.  Age-level appropriate textbook readings

.  Workbook Exercises, activities & Quizzes

.  Flexibility to complete each lesson as your child is ready.

.  Lessons are structured in a suggested sequence. You can choose to follow them in order, or feel free to jump around as it best serves your child.

.  Access to hundreds of Science activities, experiments and projects , with dozens of new ones coming each month until you have access to all 800+ of them!

.  Topics also include science history, inventors and real scientists today

.  Detailed materials lists for each unit. Most materials are things that people have around the house, or can pick up at the grocery store or drug store. Plus, I’ve made a point of keeping the cost of materials low. In fact, many of the experiments use parts and pieces that are free. (Some parents will choose mainly to do these experiments, and that’s fine).

.  More advanced material is available for high-schoolers, and advanced 5-8th graders. This includes all the topics you would have in a high-end traditional 9-12th grade science class. It is also great for middle school kids who really excel in science.

She offers many freebies on her website so make sure to check them out! She also offers a 30-day trial so if this sounds like something that might be good for your family – hop over and check it out!

The cost of the program is $37 per month for K-8 or $57 per month for K-12. This includes everything – including the answer keys. Personally, at this time, I do not see that this program would be a benefit for a high school student. I do think a family with many children could benefit from the K-8 program. Being a homeschool parent with limited income, cost is ALWAYS a consideration ~ and the cost of this program would need to be for more than one child.

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Here’s praying you have fun learning!




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