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I was given the opportunity to review the book Faithful, But Not Famous from Salem Ridge Press. Salem Ridge Press is a family owned company. And the owner  was previously homeschooled! He runs the company with the help of his wife and his parents. The books are carefully chosen for content and then re-typeset with minimal changes made (sometimes words or pictures are changed for modesty / purity sake). The overall goal is to offer books that are wholesome, well-written that provide Godly character and moral values.

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We chose to read Faithful, But Not Famous as a family read-aloud. It is a well-written account of the beginning of the Reformation in France, just before Luther. It gives the account of several individuals who became believers after reading God’s Word. It follows their spiritual journey while they struggled against the difference of God’s Word verses what they learned while growing up.

Our family greatly enjoyed reading this! It is important to keep in mind that these books were written a long time ago so some of the words are different than what we would use today. As an added bonus, these words are defined at the bottom of the page. We read it with our 5 yo, 16 yo and mom and dad and felt it was appropriate for all to hear. Our family will most likely be purchasing additional books from this company.

As a side note, this would be a very good book for anyone who is interested in Christian history. It is 207 pages, softcover and sells for $12.95.

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