Healthy Living – An Update

WOW do I have a lot to share about this today! I have been researching so much that my brain hurts, really.

We now have a Ninja!

 photo Ninja_zpsc8aa0903.jpg

It can do many things but one we’ve really been enjoying is using different kinds of frozen fruits, yogurt, heavy cream and juices to make ice cream and smoothies. SO MUCH better for us than store bought ice cream and they TASTE SOOO GOOD!

 photo IceCream2_zps9387ff57.jpg

I will be walking in “The Color Run” at the end of the month, for the first time. It is a 5K for Autism Awareness.

 photo ColorRun_zps0e7e2081.jpg

We now have awesome bicycles to ride! These were a blessing from some friends of ours. THANK YOU is not nearly good enough. I am thankful the Lord will bless them later. Better bikes means I signed our family up for Tour de Donut this year. Hubby has wanted to do this FOR YEARS so it was an early birthday present. (He does the bills so would see the charge so I had to tell him.)

Hubby’s bike:

 photo PhilBike_zpscf24e230.jpg

J’s bike:

 photo JesseBike_zps27d2742b.jpg

My bike:

 photo Bike_031613_zps1b5f0a9a.jpg

We have a used grain mill coming from a friend on Friday.

 photo NurtimillGrainMill_zps5f12f4f2.jpg

We are – in process – of going wheat (maybe gluten) free. Funny to say that after saying we are getting a grain mill; however, there will still be MUCH to grind that isn’t wheat or gluten. I have been thinking about going wheat-free for A LONG TIME but wasn’t quite ready to “make the jump” – apparently now is the time. I’ve heard going wheat-free can have big changes in children with ADD / ADHD type symptoms and after hearing that about dyes, trying it and finding great success…we are very interested in trying this as well.

And just so I am not bored (as if that were a possibility), I am reading SO MANY things my mind is spinning. At the top of my list are: The Vintage Remedies Guide to Bread and Gluten-Free Baking for Dummies. I also have The Vintage Remedies Guide to Real Food and Nourishing Traditions on their way. This isn’t to mention the MANY, MANY blogs I have been reading to gain knowledge on healthier eating and wheat free living.

Do you have any thoughts or suggestions for our family as we continuing toward greater health? If so, please feel free to leave a comment!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!



I *LOVE* to read your comments! Please share your thoughts!

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