Schoolhouse Review ~ An Intro to Formal Logic #hsreviews


I was given the opportunity to review Classical Academic PressThe Discovery of Deduction: An Introduction to Formal Logic. I was provided a hard copy of both the Student Edition and the Teacher Edition. The Teacher Edition contains all the student text plus answer keys, teaching tips, sample essays, dialogues and arguments.


This curriculum is recommended for grades eight and up and although it isn’t something I would consider “an easy read,” it is something that is put together in a manner that is easy to understand. I does require some thought to get through though (hence LOGIC).

There are nine chapters each with anywhere from two to eight lessons in each. They start with “Points to Remember” so the student makes sure to be aware of the items they want special attention paid to. Next is the “meat” of the lesson which range anywhere from two to six pages. Once the lesson is done there are questions to be answered, they can often be: define, explain, rewrite, find and going further. The lessons close with “deduction in action” which gets more in depth with each lesson but basically it is investigating something and applying what has been learned.

One thing I appreciated was how they made sure that items previously discussed were addressed in a manner that helped to make sure they remembered. Another thing I liked is the “dialogue lessons” – there are MANY of them. These are extremely helpful for teaching logic. Basically, this seems to be a well thought out program (which, of course, isn’t surprising considering it is CAP).

And don’t worry – not only are the student’s asked to work with Socrates’ and Aristotle but also newer things like the Gilmore Girls. I think the students will appreciate that.

There are two suggested schedules available: Semester and Year Long, personally I LOVE when vendors provide this type of information. It really helps me to get a grasp of how to use it with my children. There are also samples of — available.

Although we had a hard time fitting this in as a permanent part of this school year, we do intend to use it completely next year.

The overall book is 9 x 11 with 324 pages. The printed Student Edition costs $26.95, the ebook is $24.95. The Teacher Edition in print format is $29.95.

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Here’s praying you have fun learning!




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