Love Gives Life by Evan May {unofficial book review}

A friend of mine generically recommended a book on Facebook so I decided to check it out further (as I often do when people recommend things) and I noticed it was only $0.99 for the Kindle…so I bought it. I mean…it is less than a dollar and if it isn’t good…not that much has been lost, right? Right.

 photo Book_zpsd6d7a065.jpg

I read the book today – Love Gives Life by Evan May – WHAT AN AMAZING little book! (Of course I don’t know the actual size of the book because I read it on my Kindle, but I did look up that it was 82 pages.) It is both convicting and inspiring! At times I felt good about where I was with what he was talking about and at times his words went straight to my heart.

I think EVERYONE should read this book! It is a very quick read but it packs a powerful punch! He doesn’t mess around and try to sugar-coat things. But he isn’t harsh either.

Basically, the name of the book describes what it is about…LOVE. Biblical love. There is a very vast difference between what the world calls love and what the Scriptures call love. The world’s love comes and goes like the tide. Biblical love sticks like super glue.

The main thing that I took away from this book at this particular moment in my life is that I have not been showing love to someone that has hurt me. EVEN IF I HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE UPSET, I am NOT RIGHT in my attitude. REGARDLESS of the situation, it is *MY* responsibility to handle my own emotions and my own attitude and my own self. The Lord says “the greatest of these is love” and that we are to “build up those of the church”.

I was tested and although I passed in many areas…I failed in this one. And, even though I never “threw hateful darts” at this person…the confusion the situation brought to my heart took the love out. In that, I failed. This book showed me that. OUCH! but in a good (God) way.

I want others to see Him through me, I pray next time I will be more loving with my thoughts and emotions, not just my words.

Seriously, grab this book and be blessed by what he shares…you won’t regret it!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


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