Looking to Jesus

There is a situation going on in my life and the Lord brought this to mind:

The Lord was betrayed by one of the twelve. One He trusted. One He shared everything with. So, if you feel betrayed, just know that He was betrayed before you – and His brought PAINFUL death.

 photo Thorns_zps74e1e94f.jpg

Our suffering may be painful, but it isn’t like His was by any means! And this betrayal was in NO WAY Jesus’ fault. It was the heart of the betrayer.

So, if you are feeling down because of a situation in your life that “isn’t fair” look to see if Jesus suffered similarly. How did He respond? And know that He understands your pain and He loves you.

 photo TrueLoveHeart_zps8df4f823.jpg

It may still be painful but it is much less when we focus our attention on Him instead of the situation. [This also removes “the fire” Satan wants to use. If you choose to focus on the negative – Satan WILL use it. Let’s shine the Lord’s light instead!]

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


One thought on “Looking to Jesus

  1. Jen March 23, 2013 at 9:44 am Reply

    Beautiful post Dawn! Love this and so true. Praying for you!


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