“5 Days of Teaching Creatively” ~ Day 2 ~ Learning…in the Kitchen?

As part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, we are having a “5 Days of Teaching Creatively” blog hop this week. WOOT! Here is what you can look forward to reading about…

Today is “Schooling in the Kitchen“…one of my favorites!

 photo TeachingCreatively500x375_zps8148df3f.png

I didn’t know how to cook for SO MANY YEARS! But I have been doing a lot of work trying to learn over the last seven years. It has been a slow process but I’ve also been trying to learn HEALTHY ways of cooking. Lots to learn! I’ve found one of my favorite things to do is BAKE! I have a sweet tooth anyway so this works perfectly for me.

Often times I will have the boys join me in the kitchen. Not only will it be important for them to know how to cook for themselves (for who knows what the Lord has planned for their lives?) but cooking offers a fun way to learn!

Here is P helping make homemade donuts in our new donut maker…

 photo Donuts1_zps6ea820f4.jpg

 photo Donuts2_zps82e34331.jpg

 photo Donuts3_zps3ab57513.jpg

For him the learning is more physical in nature. Learning how to measure without making a mess, learning how to stir, touching things to know how different they feel…things like that.

This is from a couple years ago and isn’t REALLY cooking in the kitchen, but it was learning in the kitchen! We normally do a small garden each year and I caught the boys “in action” of putting the seeds in cups so they could start growing. Of course the entire gardening process is a HUGE learning experience!

 photo Seeds2_zpsedd6a01a.jpg

J likes to cook but doesn’t like his picture taken (he takes after his mama). For him the learning has more to do with math skills – mostly fractions. Such a great LIVING way of learning! Because…learning IS life. Right? 😉

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Have a wonderfully blessed day!



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