5-Minute Friday = HOME

This meme is hosted by The Gypsy Mama…go check it out, and join in if you’d like!
What is it? (Besides FUN!) She gives you a word and you type for 5 minutes non-stop
not worrying about grammar or punctuation. 

Today’s word is: HOME


The two baby deer were wandering in the forest getting further and further away from their home. Being young they didn’t realize how their investigations of the world were taking them to danger as the further from home meant further from safety. But the excitement of following the beautiful butterflies and all the amazing smells of the world were just too much for them…they HAD to find out more about these amazing things the Lord had created.

The butterfly swooped and dipped and flew higher and lower. They laughed and giggled as they ran after it hopping and leaping with the unhindered joy only a young one can express. As they were following the butterfly, a bunny ran by – what was that? Off they went, running and jumping, weaving and swerving. Fast little thing it is!

Finally tired the stopped to look around. Uh oh. Where are they? Far from home.


This was my first attempt at FICTIONAL for this…just came to my mind and started typing. What do / did you think?

Have a wonderfully blessed day!



2 thoughts on “5-Minute Friday = HOME

  1. Michelle March 8, 2013 at 7:20 am Reply

    Five minutes wasn’t long enough! I wanna know what happened 😉
    I like the idea of fiction for FMF… Thanks!


  2. Beth S. March 8, 2013 at 7:25 am Reply

    An interesting way to do Five Minute Friday, I liked it!


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