Less Stressed Today

Thank you for “putting up with” my post from yesterday. As I look back, I think it was mostly a place for me to list the things I don’t want to forget. *grin* As I look at the list, I see the majority are things that *I* have added. Things that are supposed to make my life better in one way or another. I need to make sure when I am adding things that I am looking at if it REALLY WILL make things better, or if the stress of “keeping up” will make things worse. Something I am NOT very good at.

As I am getting ready to add the Christian weight-loss group with Bible study and memory verses, I am wondering if I will drop a couple of the other things I am doing (the 100 verses in 2013 and the One Year Bible). I am not sure yet…I’ll have to see how it goes once the book arrives and I have the opportunity to know more of what will be expected.

I finished most of the work I was currently working on for the attorney yesterday – so that was a sigh of relief.

My printer wasn’t working and was causing me a MAJOR amount of stress (which I didn’t realize until it needed additional work to get it running yesterday). It is now working again and I am feeling SO GOOD! (Funny how that works.)

Doing reviews is such a blessing for our family! It offers the opportunity for us to receive things we never would be able to otherwise. And…honestly…most of the time…it’s just a lot of fun!

The homeschool co-op class start date was kind of “sprung on us” last minute but we enjoy this so much that it is worth it. We weren’t able to go last semester due to my work schedule so I am excited the boys get to join in again.

So, since I was a bit stressed yesterday, I thought I would share more of reality today. Thanks again for allowing my post yesterday. 😉

I have several blog posts I’m thinking through that I want to share – about things that have been happening and ways the Lord has blessed us…I just need to get my thoughts together for them. Be watching!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


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