So Many Blessings ~ 2012


Well, since I did my “looking ahead” post for 2013 I thought it would be nice to link up with the Schoolhouse Review Crew and do a “looking back” post for 2012.


Events to remember:

Art Class ~ December
Cajun & Jazz’s Litter of Puppies ~ October
4H Robotics Classes ~ October thru January
J’s 16th Birthday ~ September
St Louis Zoo ~ May
SOPA & PIPA ~ January


Homeschooling thoughts to remember:

Learning about the Holocaust ~ September / October
Microscope ~ November
Changing Path Mid Year ~ November


Major life events to remember:

J attended TeenPact ~ April
Got two ferrets ~ October


Growth to remember:

Remodeled the Bathroom ~ February
Learning to Sew ~ December
Learning about “Spirited Child

As I look back over the year – A LOT has happened and changed. It’s amazing how quickly I forget. I really enjoyed doing this post as it allowed me to look back and remember…we really did accomplish a lot in the last year! Good times!

Check out what some of my other “Ship Mates” have to say about their 2012 by clicking HERE.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


One thought on “So Many Blessings ~ 2012

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