Nearing the End

Hello my wonderful readers! I wanted to share a very difficult decision I’ve made with you. After much thought and prayer I have decided to stop blogging. It simply takes too much time away from my precious family. Time I cannot ever get back.

I admit I struggle with the duties of mom, wife, homemaker – but trying to escape isn’t working so I guess it’s time to face it head on, with the Lord’s help, and “conquer” this beast. LOL I have learned SO MUCH from blogging and have become friends with some absolutely amazing women but it is time for me to re-prioritize and enjoy this season of my life.

I intend to continue reading many of the amazing blogs I have found over the last several years and I look forward to remaining friends with many of the women I’ve met.

I pray the Lord has blessed each and every one of you through my blog and I pray He will continue to do so as you walk your journey with Him as well.

I do have a few reviews to finish up but other than that you will now find me playing at home with my boys.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


2 thoughts on “Nearing the End

  1. Debbie July 4, 2012 at 8:17 am Reply

    You will be missed by us, but your family will be blessed by your attention to them. I am glad you are following the leading of the Lord. Stop by my blog once in a while and leave me a comment. ❤ and hugs and hope to see you back blogging some day in the future.


  2. Full Time Mama July 6, 2012 at 12:50 am Reply

    I have been struggling with this same decision for quite a while. I keep going back and forth, and I haven’t quite decided to give it up just yet. For me I feel like I am not making enough time for God because in my down time (kids asleep time) I spend time on here doing reviews/giveaways, checking email, networking, etc. I go through spurts where I get better and feel great about the balance, then slip and get horrible again. I get bound and determined to be better, and as long as I get firm I do good. Just like in other areas spiritually, as long as I stay determined I do good; it’s when I get too comfortable that I slip and struggle.
    Good for you for being strong and doing what’s best for you and your family. Here’s praying I can figure out what I should do.


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