Making Life Better ~ The Proper Tools

I was making homemade biscuits this morning, as I often do, but this morning I had some new utensils that made my job SO MUCH EASIER! I have been making homemade biscuits for several months now but I have been using knives to criss-cross cut and a glass as my biscuit cutter. Worked for me!

Then as time went and I continued to make them I thought I would invest in a couple of items that might make it easier: a pastry blender and a set of biscuit cutters.


I also got a set of four items: Spiral Whisk, Slotted Server, Ladle and Masher. So when making biscuits and gravy this morning I got to use the pastry blender, biscuit cutters and the spiral whisk…let’s just say – making biscuits and gravy has never been so easy, AND FUN! It’s amazing how having the right tools can make things SO MUCH BETTER!


This led me to thinking about the Lord and the tool (Bible) He provides for us – to help make life SO MUCH BETTER. By reading the Bible and knowing God’s word, it helps to guide and direct and makes decisions a bit easier. Not only that but when you make a decision, based off His instruction, the outcome is SO MUCH BETTER!


I went almost 30 years of my life without any direction and I made  A LOT of really bad decisions…why? Because I wasn’t given any “tools” to make good decisions. But now, I think about what the Lord says about things and then I make a move. Knowing I’ve done that helps me to know I am walking in the right direction.

I think one of the biggest things that has changed from having God’s tool is the PEACE I get from reading His word and knowing His desires for me and my life. He wants what’s best for my family – of that I am sure. However, that doesn’t mean everything is going to be easy. As a matter of fact, the Bible says life for the believer will have more challenges than that of the non-believer. But, we have peace through Him and that makes the challenges okay too.

One of the things that is “funny” is…all of these things (pastry blender, biscuit cutter, whisk and the Bible) seem like such little, insignificant things…but in the end – they make a HUGE difference in the process! They make things SO MUCH easier, and so much more enjoyable, that one wonders why they waited so long to utilize them!

Do you read God’s word daily? If not, try it! His tool is there to help us, every single day.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!



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