Dog Training: Strange Behavior

Today’s topic is from Cinny and she says:

One of my dogs recently picked up a new habit….he whines/cries when there’s absolutely nothing wrong and we’re around. He refuses to come to us but would rather just sit in the hallway or in a different room and whine until we go to him. Now, I don’t want to go to him in those cases because I’m worried it’ll just encourage that behavior. He’s only started doing that this past week. Help/advice would be much appreciated. these are more like random moments of the day. He does it maybe 1-2 times a day and he’s as happy as can be otherwise. I really am not sure what he wants cuz he’s happy…if you go up to him…partway, he’ll come running to u with a dorky happy smile on his face so my take is that he wants attention…but y not just come to us and get it. Secretly, I think he feel’s he’s royalty…he barks and we have to come. haha


I am not sure what breed dog nor what age dog we are talking about but the first thing that comes to mind is teaching the dog “come”.  To do that you can read my previous post on COME.

Another simpler idea you might want to try are calling your dog with a really yummy treat (like a small piece of hot dog or string cheese). If he doesn’t want to come to you in the beginning, just throw it at him when he looks at you. Keep in mind you do NOT want to use the word COME (or whatever word you use for come like here or whatever). For me, I use “here” when I want them in my general vicinity and “come” when they are to come directly to me. So, in this instance, I would say, “Dog, here” and you want to say it VERY EXCITEDLY AND HAPPILY. You can make “kissing noises” or whatever else to get him to come over to you and get the treat, then tell him what a great dog he is!


Please let me know how it goes and I pray this helps!

As a side note: readers may want to check out the “Dog Training” tab at the top of my blog for the other dog training posts I’ve done…I’m praying they will be a blessing to many families!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Disclaimer: although there are “general rules” that can often apply / help a dog, sometimes more information is needed or there is a “special situation” that is unknown by the trainer. Therefore this answer may not work for all dogs at all times. With that said, please do not bash me if you have tried what I have suggested and it did not work for you. (You are more than welcome to leave a comment telling me so and asking for additional advice, if you’d like.) My training philosophy is “positive motivational” and starts with the least “harsh” option and works up as necessary. Additionally, all my advice is intended for dogs that live INSIDE the home. Although the training would basically be the same, I’ve found it takes much longer to train a dog that lives outside the house.



One thought on “Dog Training: Strange Behavior

  1. CinnyBBS June 13, 2012 at 4:27 pm Reply

    Thanks for your tips. The hilarious thing is that he stopped doing it the day I asked you! It’s almost like he knew I was going to ask. *sigh*
    Whirlwind of Surprises


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