Starting Something New

Life is change, that is all there is to it. And I find myself in a place of needing to change AGAIN. When I was young I would “eat the entire house and not gain a pound” and everyone told me “some day you’ll need to change your eating or it will catch up with you.” Well, I’ve already had to do that twice and now is a third time, but this time is the “worst” as I’ve gained quite a lot of weight in the last two years. So, eating habits will be changing ~ but this time I’m adding even more ~ beverage changes.


I will be going to only decaf coffee (starting today) ~ I’ve been drinking half decaf and half regular for about four years and have decided it is time to eliminate caffeine from my diet completely. So, I am changing my coffee and soda habits. Diet soda will be reduced to ONE a day and then it will be none, Lord willing. I’ve known soda and caffeine are bad for me for a long time but was unwilling to give them up, but I read some things from Nourishing Traditions that finally made me decide to “kick the habit” completely. Several of the “side effects” of soda and caffeine are things I “suffer from” and I am hoping and praying that they go away with this change…but even if they don’t, I’ll still be better off without these things in my body. [Note: You NEED to understand that my coffee and my soda have been very important to me over the years, so these are BIG steps for me. Hence going to decaf instead of just no coffee.]

One of my wonderful readers asked what program I will be using for my “weight loss journey”. At this time I do not have a program planned for use. I plan to read different books (which seems to help me think of new ideas and feel “motivated”) like Reshaping It All and Made to Crave. I plan to read additional books on nutrition and better ways of eating like Nourishing Traditions. Basically I want to continue to grow and learn in the area of eating and nutrition, and mostly, I want to “train” my boys how to eat healthy – something I was not taught.

I has been long enough, the time is now. With the Lord’s help.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


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