Spirited Child ~ We Are Not Alone

I have been really amazed, and a little excited, by the many responses to my posts about “Spirited Children” – most have been on Facebook, and that is okay! I am really excited because it is SO NICE to know I (WE) ARE NOT ALONE! I guess because I have felt so alone and “put down” because of my sons spiritedness, I am really enjoying the peaceful feeling that others deal with all this too! [Why do we take such comfort in not being alone? I don’t know…but it *IS* very comforting.] THANK YOU TO ALL WHO POSTED RESPONSES! You really do not know how nice it is to hear from others who are walking – either before or after – me in this life experience! THANK YOU for opening up and sharing part of your story / lives with me, and the others who have read them too.

I have been reading, and re-reading Raising Your Spirited Child and am just continually surprised at how my son is within these pages – for so long, so many have not understood. I mean, they THINK they understand…but only from their limited experience with “kids with energy” but not with a “spirited child”…there is a difference. A BIG DIFFERENCE. 

I have not had the opportunity to do the evaluation from The Difficult Child yet, only because we have had family from out of town and the holiday weekend. I am still very much looking forward to doing that and seeing the results. But what I am also working on from Raising Your Spirited Child is changing my words. Instead of “putting him down” I want to “lift him up”. For example – he whines A LOT. The author says to use positive statements about his “analytical abilities” instead of using the word whiny. And a BIG part of this is turning negative statements from others into positive statements IN THEIR PRESENCE. We need to change our own thinking, and the thinking of others – as both have an effect (affect? I have yet to figure out the proper usage of those two words! ugh) on the highly spirited child…and our job as their parents is to help build them up!

Again, THANK YOU for responding to my previous post about Putting A Name To It…I am feeling SO MUCH better knowing I am not alone!

What are you working on with your “spirited child”? Please let me know…I would love to hear what others are doing, or reading, or experiencing!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!



One thought on “Spirited Child ~ We Are Not Alone

  1. Diane Hurst June 1, 2012 at 10:38 am Reply

    You used “effect” correctly; because words have an effect on us/our kids. When you use “affect” it is a verb– as in “Words can affect us. ” I think my kids just have usual kid energy– glad you are finding some insights to help with how to manage with kids who are “spirited.”


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