Reading & Learning, In Hopes of Glorifying Him

I have SO MUCH going on in my brain right now that I don’t even know what to start with or where to turn. When it comes to being a Christian – I want to be the very best I can be, for Him. But I feel SO VERY FAR from that, every day. So…I read and look and investigate (and buy books when they are really cheap) and I have a HUGE stack of books I want to read that tell me all the miraculous ways I can become a better woman, wife, mother, Christian, blogger…you name it, I can learn it! It’s a bit overpowering actually. One of the downfalls of the internet maybe?


And this isn’t even all of them! (And…we won’t even go in to the ones on the Kindle, ok???)

So, what am I currently looking at? Basically things that cover being a Christian woman / wife / mother. I just really have NO CLUE about how to do this! I feel like I am still “stuck” in the full-time working woman mentaility that I’ve been used to for 30 years. That mixed with never seeing what being a Christian woman / wife / mother looks like (as my mother was FAR from such a thing…she taught us how to “take care of ourselves” and that men are the enemy). I am feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

The books above are:
A Woman’s High Calling
Six Ways to Keep the “Good” in Your Boy (this one is a review item)
She’s Gonna Blow!
The Excellent Wife
Building the Christian Family You Never Had (I actually just finished this one)
Made to Crave
Becoming a Chief Home Officer

But one thing I am finding is that was goes in my mind stays in my mind and as it stays there it perks and becomes things I do in my life. (I’ve noticed this from Bible study.) So, I’m praying that reading some of these books will help “open my eyes” even further to the words of Scripture and help me to honor and glorify Him by my action. Whew – just typing that sentence took a lot of effort! 🙂 I am also finding that reading such books helps me not feel alone, which I am “suffering” from a lot lately.

I am also currently participating in the online Proverbs 31 Study with Good Morning Girls and a small group of ladies.

One thing I do need to remind myself of is not to get lost and overwhelmed therefore do nothing. Just one thing at a time. For instance, another book arrived in the mail today (one that I got for a really great price – basically just postage…I mean, how could I pass that up? LOL). It’s the one called “Becoming a Chief Home Officer” by Allie Pleiter and the description sounded like it would be a GREAT book! So, I’m thinking, “Yea, like I need another book to read.” LOL But I do – and I will – but maybe not today. And that is okay! (Sometimes I forget there is gray…not just black and white, ya know?).

I am SO VERY THANKFUL to the Lord for saving me, and for showing me these VERY IMPORTANT things I NEED to learn to glorify Him…I just need to remind my ADD personality that it is ok to wait.

What are you reading right now? What areas are you hoping to improve? Do you. like me, sometimes feel overwhelmed with what lies ahead? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


One thought on “Reading & Learning, In Hopes of Glorifying Him

  1. May 21, 2012 at 7:15 pm Reply

    I ALWAYS have too many books going at the same time!


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