Looking Beyond the Surface

We made homemade donuts the other morning, as a family (well, ds15 was still asleep, but the rest of us made them). And I have been thinking since then…it is important to look beyond the surface of things. I am not a very good one for “seeing a finished product” before it is even started, or even part way through. I can only see it when it is done. Completely. I’m not sure why that is – and I have no idea how people are “wired” so they can see things any other way – but I know there are people who do. I don’t tend to see the importance of things as simple as “making donuts together” until after the donuts are made.


I’m not talking about the donuts themselves. *grin* I mean, the FAMILY TIME that was spent together MAKING the donuts. It was time spent TOGETHER, working TOGETHER, doing something TOGETHER. Talking, laughing, enjoying each other. Making donuts on the surface seems “unimportant” but if I look beyond the surface, there was so much more!


I didn’t really even realize WHILE we were making them – what else we were making…memories.


In today’s fast paced, computerized world we lose so much of the humanness of life. I really miss it. I am so very thankful to the Lord for the time we spent “making donuts”.

Have you spent some quality family time doing something lately? If so, I’d LOVE to hear about it!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!



I *LOVE* to read your comments! Please share your thoughts!

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