5 Weeks, 5 Disciplines, 5 Challenges ~ Spirit (Wk 3)


It’s accountability time – WOOT! So…did I read my Bible every day before getting on the computer? I did! (except for maybe one or two days over the last two weeks – not bad though). And last weeks goals I did all of them except working out on the treadmill…I had a really sore throat Sunday – Wednesday so I finally went to the doctor – STREP. So, I wasn’t really physically in a place where working out on the treadmill was a good idea. BUT, these goals carry one so praying for success in this area this week!

This week our challenge has to do with SPIRIT and reading Scripture before doing anything else. Well, that was my week one (read it HERE) so the original week one was BALANCED (I think, LOL). When I think of being balanced I think of my eating habits and how UNbalanced they are and how balanced I wish they were. So, my goal for this week is: to eat only ONE “junk” (as my ds4 would say) item per day (instead of multiple times a day).

Want to join in? Head over to Women Living Well and let them know! WE CAN DO THIS – with HIS help.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!



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