Simple Woman’s Daybook ~ 4/17/12

Simple Woman's Daybook

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Outside my window…sunny and around 70 today (I believe).

I am thinking…I am really tired.

I am thankful…I don’t have to work a full-time job anymore!

In the kitchen…breakfast is blueberry pancakes, bacon and eggs – not sure about lunch – and supper will involve pork chops, but not sure what else.

I am wearing…jeans and a salmon colored t-shirt. No shoes nor socks.

I am creating…field trip lists of attendees and making sure the “companies” are paid, etc.

I am going…NO WHERE TODAY (and I am so very happy about that!).

I am wondering…when / if I’ll be able to open the windows today – I love the windows open!

I am reading…too many things to talk about!

I am hoping…my throat feels better soon!!

I am looking forward to…sleep tonite. 🙂

I am learning…how to be a mother and a wife (in Biblical terms).

Around the house…basic straightening needs done.

I am pondering…if I should have a soda now. LOL

A favorite quote for today…Today’s forecast: God reigns and the Son shines.

One of my favorite things…open windows and birds singing.

A few plans for the rest of the week: nothing too exciting. YAY!

A peek into my day (yesterday)...we went to the zoo with some other homeschoolers – it was fun!

Add any picture:

My boys at the zoo (obviously the snake isn’t real).


Have a wonderfully blessed day!


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One thought on “Simple Woman’s Daybook ~ 4/17/12

  1. Reecea Henderson April 19, 2012 at 2:23 pm Reply

    Very nice post. Love the photo. Thoughts of blueberry pancakes make me smile.


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