5-Minute Friday = LIGHT

This meme is hosted by The Gypsy Mama…go check it out, and join in if you’d like! So, what is it? She gives you a word and you type for 5 minutes non-stop – not worrying about grammar or punctuation (it’s like a mini NaNoWriMo! LOL). So…here I go…Here we go…

Today’s word is: LIGHT


My first thought was Jesus – since He is the light of the world, and it is Passover. There is such truth in this, He *IS* the Light! I lived in such darkness before I was saved…and I was “older” (29) when I was saved, so I had MANY years of this darkness. The light I have and feel today is so amazingly wonderful it’s hard to explain.

Additionally, I was raised without rules or much to “guide my steps” and let me tell you how wonderful it is to know where the limits are…personally, I LOVE having direction, having the boundary lines drawn for me so I don’t have to guess. He *IS* the Light!

He didn’t come to condemn, He came to provide those who believe with even more abundance. Can you imagine? He loved us before we ever loved Him? Again, can you imagine? I have a really hard time with that sometimes…because I HATED Him before I got saved! As a matter of fact, if anyone even mentioned the word “God” my ears IMMEDIATELY shut and all I could think of was “Good Orderly Direction”. Sad, but true. And look at me now.  He is amazing – what a wonderful Light!


Have a wonderfully blessed day!


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2 thoughts on “5-Minute Friday = LIGHT

  1. Amy Sullivan April 6, 2012 at 7:47 am Reply

    I don’t always participate in FMF, but I find such good stuff when I do. I bet you have a pretty big story behind your transformation from “hate” to “love”.


  2. Lisa Weidknecht April 8, 2012 at 12:21 pm Reply

    Thank you for linking up with the Planet Weidknecht Easter Weekend Hop!


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