Dog Training: “Popping” the Collar

Today’s topic is in response to Deanne’s comment to my previous post and she says:

Dawn, thanks for your advice on this. We have dealt with this some with our 4-month-old cockapoo puppy, too. I’ve tried some (like feeding her out of my hand) and it seems to help. Just for clarification, when you say to “pop” the leash do you mean like a whip or to pull it or something else. Thanks again!

When I speak of “popping the leash”, I mean a quick “pop” up with your hand and immediately back down (release). Basically it causes whatever collar you are using to “pop” your dog around their neck therefore, hopefully, getting their attention. With a four month old puppy you should only be using a regular buckle collar, not even a trainingcollar, so your “pop” won’t have a lot of punch but for a young pup, it should be enough.

So, to clarify “popping the collar”: you are holding the leash, which is connected to your dogs collar, you pull straight up until it tightens and causes the collar to “get your dogs attention” and then immediately release. Whenever training, I recommend starting softer and working to harder only as needed. If the softer doesn’t get your dogs attention, the next “pop” is a bit harder.

I pray this helps clarify, if not please let me know. Thanks for the comment!

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Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Disclaimer: although there are “general rules” that can often apply / help a dog, sometimes more information is needed or there is a “special situation” that is unknown by the trainer. Therefore this answer may not work for all dogs at all times. With that said, please do not bash me if you have tried what I have suggested and it did not work for you. (You are more than welcome to leave a comment telling me so and asking for additional advice, if you’d like.) My training philosophy is “positive motivational” and starts with the least “harsh” option and works up as necessary. Additionally, all my advice is intended for dogs that live INSIDE the home. Although the training would basically be the same, I’ve found it takes much longer to train a dog that lives outside the house.



One thought on “Dog Training: “Popping” the Collar

  1. Deanne April 5, 2012 at 6:26 am Reply

    Thanks for the clarification. That helps.


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