Dog Training: Puppy Feeding & Playing

Today’s topic is from Kellyann and she says:

I have another eating question. For his 3 time a day feeding he isn’t finishing it all in one sitting so if I change him to 2 times a day for eating will that help? Also how late should the last feeding be? We usually go to bed after midnight and have had him being fed no later then 8p so he can get his pottying all out. We get up and going in the am around 8:30. However, we put him in his crate at least a half an hour before we go to bed in our master bathroom in his crate (only place available right now) so that he can yip and yelp without waking the kids or us up. However, in the morning he’s been getting up at 6 or earlier and then when we try and put him back in the crate he yips and yelps. I’m wondering if feeding him a “snack” of his meal in the crate would help? What do you suggest?

Well, there are actually two questions / things going on here.


One: We’ll start with the first part ~ feeding. If the puppy isn’t eating all his food, he is getting too much. Therefore I would change him to two feedings and reduce the amount he is getting by maybe half of what one feeding was – so you’ll increase his TWO feedings by 1/4 of what one feeding would be. Also, you could feed him up to an hour before you go to bed – you might try feeding him a little later if you go to bed after midnight every night. If it were me, I would probably feed him around 10pm – keeping in mind that you haven’t fed him since the morning. Actually – I would probably try to keep his feedings to about 12 hours apart – or as close to as possible.


Two: Six hours in a crate for a puppy is a very long time. I don’t believe he is yelping at 6am because he is hungry – I believe it is because he is ready to play! 🙂 This is one area where puppies are like kids…less sleep for the parent! Time to wake up early and play with the puppy! Seriously. Sorry. Wish I had a better answer! 🙂 Something that might be helpful though…for a tired momma with a playful puppy…fetch! I love fetch! They do all the work! 🙂

I pray these answers will help you with your pup! Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!

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Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Disclaimer: although there are “general rules” that can often apply / help a dog, sometimes more information is needed or there is a “special situation” that is unknown by the trainer. Therefore this answer may not work for all dogs at all times. With that said, please do not bash me if you have tried what I have suggested and it did not work for you. (You are more than welcome to leave a comment telling me so and asking for additional advice, if you’d like.) My training philosophy is “positive motivational” and starts with the least “harsh” option and works up as necessary. Additionally, all my advice is intended for dogs that live INSIDE the home. Although the training would basically be the same, I’ve found it takes much longer to train a dog that lives outside the house.



2 thoughts on “Dog Training: Puppy Feeding & Playing

  1. The Laughing Housewife March 3, 2012 at 7:26 am Reply

    Good advice! Six hours is a long time to be in a crate.


  2. momto8blog March 5, 2012 at 8:16 am Reply

    thanks for this post….timely for me! as soon as winter sports are finally over we are getting the promised puppy!


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