Blogging thru the Scriptures ~ Deuteronomy 1:9-10


I am SO EXCITED to be starting this! One thing I have wanted for quite some time is to make sure I am sharing my love for the Lord Jesus Christ on my blog…and now, I will be – DAILY! WOOT! And I am super excited to see who decides to join me! (There is a linky at the bottom of this post.)

Changing the way I’m doing this per instruction from the Lord. *grin* He said I need to be following along with what my husband is reading for our Sunday School and Wednesday night meetings so…here we go!

Today’s verses  (we are prepping for Sunday) are Deuteronomy 1:9-10: “And I spoke to you at that time, saying: ‘I alone am not able to bear you. The Lord your God has multiplied you, and here you are today, as the stars of heaven in multitude.

This is Moses speaking to Israel during their 40 year journey to the promised land – basically telling them that he is only one person and they are many and that he cannot handle alone all their “burdens” or complaints, or issues…basically he can’t be the “judge” for all their “court cases”. There are just too many of them; because the Lord blessed them (multiplied them) while on this journey. He is feeling overwhelmed and needs help (boy don’t I understand that feeling!) so as we continue these verses we’ll see the help he sets in place.

Please share what you learned through these verses – I would love to hear!

Joining in? Add your post to the linky! Also, click HERE to see the rest of the daily verses coming up!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!



One thought on “Blogging thru the Scriptures ~ Deuteronomy 1:9-10

  1. Daily Journey February 2, 2012 at 8:41 am Reply

    Well I will try this again for the second time. Not off to a great start on posting. I guess not enough coffee yet. Love this post. I hope to be back later after wrting a post. I would love to link up and share and grow in His word. I have to run to get ready for work. But plan on hopping back over here if the day permits. Guess I will be lookingofrward to all of your encouraging scriptures from His road map for life. Many blessings


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