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Well, this is my last review for the TOS Homeschool Crew, you can read about why HERE. There is normally some sadness when it’s time to part ways with things in your life but there is also freedom when you know the Lord is in control. I have enjoyed my time with The Crew and appreciate all the hard working ladies (and one gentleman)…they will always have a very special place in my heart! So, with that, here is my last review…

We had the opportunity to review Vocab Cafe Book Series written by Josh Burk offered through College Prep Genius which is designed to help students improve their vocabulary through reading.

I was provided four books: Planet Exile, I.M. for Murder, The Summer of Saint Nick and Operation High School. There are 300 words added to each book that are bold type with the definition at the bottom of the same page.

Here is a sample text taken from I.M. for Murder (also from HERE):

“That’s a total prevarication,” Seth said. “Do you really think you can fool your best friends?”

Prevarication –  (pri-var-i-key-shuhn) –  N –  deviation from the truth; a lie

“Higher and higher he led them up, until finally they reached the acme of the hill.”

Acme –  (ak-mee) –  N –  the highest point or stage

“Margery Johnson was a gourmand who enjoyed many types of food, but she was no chef. Every night she would subject her son and husband to a new food creation. It was the most dreaded moment of every day for both men.”

Gourmand –  (goor-mahnd) –  N –  one who is interested in food and drink

There is also a Word Review at the end of each chapter.

Here is an actual picture of one of the pages, which shows how the text is bold with the definitions at the bottom:

My overall impression:

I was a little nervous about the content of the books after reading the little “blurb” on the backs, but the books are not as “bad” as they sound from the back (at least I didn’t think). I enjoyed the books, for the most part, although I’m not sure how much of the words are actually retained once the reading is done. The stories are entertaining and generally enjoyable. I would not call them educational in any sense other than learning new words. And, often times it seemed the vocabulary words were kind of “thrown in” to the text so they had a place to be rather than to help the story / words actually make sense.

Each book sells for $12.95 each, or you can buy the set of four for $38.85 ~ you can order by clicking HERE.

For more information:

College Prep Genius
P.O. Box 398
Hurst, Tx. 76053
81-SAT-2-PREP (817-282-7737)

Have a wonderfully blessed day!

This product was reviewed as a part of the TOS Homeschool Crew…I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. Everything stated here is my own opinion. You can see the direct posting with the TOS Homeschool Crew and what my fellow crewmates thought by clicking HERE.


2 thoughts on “TOS Crew Review ~ College Prep Genius

  1. Leah H. November 11, 2011 at 12:48 pm Reply

    Newest follower from MBC via GFC! hope you can visit and follow me back:)

    Have a great day:)


  2. Josh Burk January 19, 2012 at 4:46 pm Reply

    Hi Dawn,

    Thanks so much for your review. We are currently in the process of revising the products to make them better! We’ve taken an effort to revise the back copy of the books to better reflect the content inside. Hopefully, when parents read the new “blurbs” on the back, they will get a better sense of the stories. We have also had an independent editor go through all the vocabulary words and make sure they don’t feel “thrown in” or stilted in any way.

    The new books should be release very soon!



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