Product Review ~ Educate The Home Educator Crash Course

I was provided the opportunity to review Educate The Home Educator Crash Course which is a 331 page ebook ~ AND ~ and additional 51 pages of forms and templates (not sure where “Crash Course” comes from – that might be a little misleading LOL) by homeschool consultant Angie McFarren from H.O.P.E. Homeschool Consulting. What does H.O.P.E. stand for? Glad you asked! As I was curious too…from the home page it says,

Welcome to H.O.P.E. Home School Consulting. Where Homeschooling parents are Organized and Prepared to Educate.

Cool, huh?

This ebook consists of 40 “Lessons” broken down into six sections covering:

  • The Buiding Blocks of Homeschooling
  • How to Teach Homeschool Courses
  • The Essentials for Academic Success
  • Information Specifically for Moms
  • How to Make School Fun
  • How to Wrap the School Year

Each of these sections is then broken down even further.

Some of the things I really enjoyed:

  • the “Learning Styles” section
  • the general course of study areas
  • the amazing list of curriculum resources (with contact info!)
  • a nice breakdown (with pictures) of the different grading systems

And as with everything that seems to be coming before me these days – there is a wonderful section on scheduling. LOL (I think the Lord is trying to tell me something…)

Additionally, each lesson has a “bonus” at the end which directs you to something that had to do with that lesson (whether it is links to another item or forms / templates provided)…kind of a “golden nugget” if you will.

The forms and templates cover your basics: class schedule, work to be done, grocery shopping, etc. but there are also some neat ones for college prep.

Ok, so by the time you are done – you realize WHY it is called a “Crash Course” – man oh man. You are given an ABUNDANCE of excellent and needed information that covers A LOT of homeschooling. You are given links and lists and contact information and suggestions and I could go on and on. And the cost – ONLY $21! Would I recommend it? Absolutely! Who would I recommend it for? Mostly those who are still considering homeschooling, or who are new to homeschooling. I’m not sure how much of a help it would be to those who have “been around for awhile” but…I’m sure even they could find some encouragement and help from this amazing…I’m going to call it…resource.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this ebook free from H.O.P.E. Homeschool Consulting. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


2 thoughts on “Product Review ~ Educate The Home Educator Crash Course

  1. Philip November 7, 2011 at 5:29 pm Reply

    I have worked with Angie in helping her a with a few of the technical aspects of her ministry, and though I will claim no credit for what she’s developed, I have seen much of it and have witnessed the fruits of her work developing and maturing in her own family. I can speak as one from the outside looking in and say first-hand that what she’s doing is remarkable. There are a lot of good resources available online for home schooling, and this is certainly one of the best. I’ve seen her work bearing fruit in her own family and can say that it is definitely working. If you’re considering home schooling or know someone who is, they need this. It will reap rewards and you will be blessed.


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