Teen CERT – Part 2


Well, we did it! We finished our training! We did 20 hours of training over the last two weekends…and it was a BLAST! We learned about how to care for people who are hurt, how to “take charge” in a disaster, how to mark on the outside of a house or building to let rescue workers know if a structure has been searched or not, we learned about different types of fires and how to put them out (and we even got to put out REAL fires!), we learned about terrorism and disaster psychology [and a lot more!]. WOW! A lot of information!

Search & Rescue:

Med Ops:


Fire Safety:



Final Exercise:


The training was FREE as well as the amazing “disaster prepared” backpacks we received (but the free part may depend on your area and their funding), Some of the items in the backpack were: a helmet, reflective jacket, goggles, gloves, flashlight, masks, tarp, etc…a lot of really good stuff!

Our jobs now?

  • Get the rest of the items we need in our bags.
  • Put good shoes and a flashlight next to our beds.
  • Prepare and practice family escape routes.
  • Contact our local police and fire agencies letting them know we’ve completed the training and are available if needed.
  • Contact our county EMA (Emergency Medical Agency) to find out what practices have been put in place in preparation for different disasters, and how we can help.

These are the main things. Overall, we are now trained to help ourselves, our families and our neighborhood – without being deployed…we are not allowed to self-deploy (which means we can’t just show up at an accident or a disaster and help, we need to be called by first responders – fire, police, etc.).

Here is our group pic:

Getting Certificate:

Mom and Son:


Misc pic:

If you have the opportunity, ds15 & I both HIGHLY suggest taking this training, even if you aren’t interested in joining a “CERT group”. One can never be too prepared to help during a crisis.

You can also stay up with what’s going on by “joining” the “Official Teen CERT” facebook page by clicking HERE.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them, or find out what the answer would be.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


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