Couponing for Dummies


I tried clipping coupons MANY years ago…I would spend HOURS clipping, organizing, figuring what would be good for us to get that week and what wouldn’t. I would then head to the store happy and excited about all the money I was going to save! I would spend the extra time looking for each particular item, making sure I had the correct size and quanity and when my time had been spent (or more like I was spent because of the time), I headed to the register excited to see the savings. Only to find I hadn’t remembered my coupon book A.G.A.I.N.! If I didn’t forget it at the house, it was in the was anywhere but with me at the checkout. FRUSTRATING! (Please ladies, tell me I am NOT the only one…) I did this SEVERAL times…and finally gave up figuring I’m truly not saving anything if I am spending all this time and in the end not saving anything.


So, with that in my “brain bank” I’ve chosen to not coupon ever since, and have been truly convinced that it is not a money saver, it is a time waster. At least until I read the book Joyful Momma’s Guide to Shopping & Cooking Frugally…she has a section on couponing that made me think “Hey, maybe I *CAN* do this!” It’s been about a week since I posted my review (I’m guessing without looking) and last night I had to run to the grocery store for milk (this is the ONLY thing we “run to the grocery store” for…well, except unless we are having company and have nothing for dessert…cuz you know – you ALWAYS have to have dessert, right?). Squirrel! Anyway, back on track…so I went to the local, small town grocery store for milk (which normally costs an arm and a leg for just one gallon) and I was OVERJOYED to see they were two for one WITH COUPON. Well I, of course, did not have a coupon but took my two gallons to the checkout praying she would have one at the counter she would allow me to use. And, SHE DID! This made each gallon LESS THAN I WOULD NORMALLY SPEND AT ALDI! NOW YOU HAVE MY ATTENTION! I’ve heard people talk about such things but never really paid attention because…well, I covered that already.

So, this evening I have ventured out, just a bit, to different “Couponing” blogs…you know the ones: Couponing for Dummies, Couponing 101, Beginners Couponing, so on etc. I find myself both excited, and nervous about this new adventure. But one thing that continues to come to mind is from the She Shall Be Called Woman cds I listened to (which are ABSOLUTELY awesome I must say) is that what the Lord gives us is what we are supposed to use – He knows what we NEED (which is different than WANT) and it is our responsibility to figure out how to use it and make ends meet.


So, do you coupon? Have any “words of wisdom” for me? Any MUST VISIT sites? I sure could use all the help I can get…and a hand to hold is always a comfort when walking new territory.

I pray I’ll be back soon to talk more about my new adventure.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!



3 thoughts on “Couponing for Dummies

  1. Kasi October 26, 2011 at 4:02 pm Reply

    I too would like to know what people think about couponing. I am one of those ladies at the grocery store with the binder of coupons. All that is great except I hardly use any but every now and then. I don’t cut coupons that I know my family will not use so it’s not that. Anyhow, I’ll be checking back to see your comments! 🙂


  2. Bonnie October 27, 2011 at 8:49 am Reply

    Hello I would….like to know how this works. I was behind a lady in the store who saved $40. some dollars and her bill to pay was $40. some. I had less then her and my bill came to $129.00. It kind of irritated me! Can some one help me out here?


  3. Heather January 9, 2012 at 1:03 pm Reply

    It’s really all about how you do it. Because i am 17 years old and i coupon like crazy. What better way to learn early so college won’t be a struggle, right? I remember not too long ago going to the stor and almost spending $200 dollars. but with all the coupons i had cut out, which wasn’t that many. I saved $70 dollars. Which means i only paid $120 something for everything i needed for a house of 4!


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