Movie Review ~ Game Time: Tackling the Past (airs 9/3/11)


I had the pleasure of previewing the next “Family Movie Night” movie titled “Game Time: Tackling the Past” which stars Ryan McPartlin, as Jake Walker a professional football player with a bum knee; his parents [Beau Bridges and Catherine Hicks (from 7th Heaven…LOVE this lady!)] and brother played by Josh Braaten. The movie quickly switches gears when dad has a heart attack…that’s when you learn there are A LOT of family dynamics going on within this family (like a lot of families today) and Jake’s returning home causes quite a few waves.

Game Time: Tackling the Past is a lot like the name sounds…it is about football, but it is also about families overcoming past hurts and people becoming better as they grow older and mature.  It is about forgiveness, being a team and overcoming life’s hard times.

This movie was very enjoyable to watch and had an outstanding cast and the plot keeps you engaged. One thing I am always watching for with “family friendly” movies is how much (or little, or tight) clothes the girls / women have…this one rates A+…all women are covered! WOOT! (This not only makes ME happy, but also my husband and my 14-year-old son.)

Game Time: Tackling the Past airs SATURDAY (9/3/11) on FOX at 7pm CST.  Click HERE for a preview.  You can also show your support for family movie night by “liking” their facebook page HERE.

I would also like to make mention that “A Walk In My Shoes” [click the link to go to my review of that movie] will be airing again (so if you missed it, or liked it a lot you can see it!) on Saturday 8/27/11.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


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