Movie Review ~ Truth Be Told (airs Saturday, 4/16/11)


I had the pleasure of previewing the next “Family Movie Night” movie titled “Truth Be Told” starring Candace Cameron Bure (YEP! that’s DJ from Full House – all grown up!), David James Elliott and Ronny Cox.

It is a wonderful family movie – as the others have been!  There were a couple spots where the shirts were a little low and one spot where the dress was shorter than I would have preferred but other than that, the clothes are not an issue.  The fact that the movie is about the couple lying about being married when they aren’t – is a little “disturbing” but the fact that they fess up and the “Truth Be Told” made the movie a good one in my book.

I personally would highly recommend you getting some popcorn, drinks and having the family hang out together and watch this fun movie!  It will bring laughter and yet some serious thoughts too.

It airs THIS SATURDAY (April 16, 2011) on FOX at 7pm CST.  Click HERE for a preview.  Again, you can show your support for family movie night by “liking” their facebook page HERE.  Other ways to support “Family Movie Night” can be seen on their webpage HERE.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


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