The “S” Word


 Can you believe I have the “s” word so boldly placed on my blog?  HA!  If you know me, you believe it.  LOL
The reason I put these three as I did, is because they work together.  This is how the Lord has it mapped out within His word.  The husband is to sumit to Christ, the wife is to submit to her husband and the child(ren) are to submit to the parents.  They all work together – if one stops, they all stop – well, they may not stop, but it will cause some serious derailment. Additionally, I have hearts as the dots because submission has to come from the heart.  It is also felt as love by those to whom you are submitting.
I know submission isn’t a very popular word – and it often brings the rolling of eyes, the crossing of arms or the huff that says, “I’m not listening to this.”  However, I would like to share about this in a way that will allow you to breath freely – to realize that it is a beautiful word WHEN FOLLOWED AS THE LORD SAYS.  Submission, as mapped out by Him, actually brings feelings of security and peace.  It helps things in life run smoothly.
When the husband submits to Christ, he is putting himself, and his sin, aside.  When the wife submits to the husband, she is doing the same.  And the same with the child(ren).  When we put sin aside, this gives room for the Lord to come in.  And when the Lord is there – things are good!
Submission, at least for me, seems to be a constant “give and take”.  I continue to try and take it back and be in control (because we, as women, like to do that…and the Lord knew that) but again, I find things run MUCH better when I keep my mouth shut and let my husband lead.  My husband is a VERY GOOD spiritual leader in our family – this is NEVER an area I try to “cross the line” – but there are many others where I feel I “know more” or am “better able to handle” the situation.  I am learning though that I need to step back and let him lead the way.  Not only am I learning to step back, but my dh is learning to step forward.  This is a learning process for both of us.  One that we feel led by the Lord to follow and one we can feel His presence when we are moving in the right direction.
Everyone in our family is still learning this process but we are all willing to try.  THIS is what is important.  That mixed with the help of the Lord and we’re good to go!
How about you?  What do you think of the “s” word?

This post was written for The Christian Home – Issue 8 – an online Christian magazine.
Stop by and read all the articles submitted…you will feel encouraged refreshed afterward!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


4 thoughts on “The “S” Word

  1. Crissyanna March 26, 2011 at 8:34 pm Reply

    Very good and well thought out. Thank you!


  2. kewkew March 26, 2011 at 9:03 pm Reply

    This is a very good article. I know in my heart that I am to let my husband lead, but like you it is a struggle to “step back.” I like the way you put it, that we are to put self and sin aside. God is definitely speaking to me recently. I have recently been reading at another blog about submission in head covering as found in 1 Cor 11. Even though I have been covering my head for years, the Lord is really convicting me that I have not had my heart where it should be and must be covering for the right reasons. I greatly recommend reading Amy’s blog and the links she shares.
    Thank you for this post.


  3. Angie W. March 26, 2011 at 9:59 pm Reply

    Ew. What a yucky graphic you have there. Noooo. Just kidding! One thing being sick this winter – has really shown how far I can go into submission when I really can’t do anything! and now, I like it! It really is so much better when hubby is first. 😉 I keept thinking I’m not selfish or controlling, and then I find there are still areas to carve out. And, for me, it really isn’t up to what hubby is doing, I am responsible for me. 😉 The more years we are married, the easier it is. The boys? Well, we’ve just got two of the best boys on the planet!


  4. Tristan March 27, 2011 at 3:41 am Reply

    I love this post! In the beginning of our marriage we had things a bit mixed up. For several years and years it was more of me being in charge “so things would get done” and trampling all over my husband’s authority. You see, I’m a type-A planner, he’s a relaxed, go with the flow (or the Spirit) kind of guy. It drove me nuts, I felt like nothing would get done that way so I stepped in.

    I was wrong. I’ve been working very hard at deferring to him on things that are his domain, looking to him as the authority. The children have learned (finally) the words I have been saying and actually meaning the last few years:
    “Daddy is the boss. He’s in charge of me, he’s in charge of you. God is the boss of daddy.” It works. My husband has stepped up and led as I have stepped back.


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