Tot School ~ 3/7/11

Tot School

Here are some pictures of what we enjoyed last week – all of these wonderful items are from Confessions of a Homeschooler:

Here is some tracing work.  He did *REALLY GOOD*.  I’ve tried this before in the past and he didn’t really want to do it so we didn’t for awhile.  This time, he *LOVED* it, and did a *GREAT* job!


Love his pose?  LOL  I said, “Look at your nest.”  LOL  He did a great job glueing!


Here is working on shape and color recognition.  This is from ABC Teach.


Number recognition.


Didn’t he do a great job on glueing this fish!?!?!


Dots…he LOVES dots!





Here he colored the apples, then glued pom poms on too!


Look at his umbrella!  Very well done (even tho it’s not perfect…he did a GREAT JOB!).


Here’s to praying you all have a marvelous week with your tots!

Make sure to hop on over to Tot School and see what other families have done with their tots!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


I *LOVE* to read your comments! Please share your thoughts!

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